VDM-Turbo LTD is able to provide to the clients the following services:
  • Overhaul of all types of marine turbochargers on board the vessel or in the workshop including ABB, MAN, NAPIER, NIIGATA, KBB, HOLSET, GARRETT, KKK, SCHWITZER, IHI, MITSUBISHI and all types of RUSSIAN turbochargers with guarantee reports, pictures etc.
  • Rotor balancing
  • Precise diagnostics during operation - vibration measurement and analysis, precise RPM measurement, define balancing condition in place
  • Technical consultation for improving performance of all types of turbochargers
  • Solving practical problems such as surging, lack of charging pressure, emergency operation of the turbochargers etc.
  • Spare parts supply
Ремонт на борда на кораб
Some of the overhauls are carried out on board
Балансиране на ротор
Rotor balancing is an essential part of the overhaul
For the turbocharger diagnostics a special equipment is used